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Our temporary service offers qualified childcare for occasional days, evenings, weekends, and overnights. We also offer summer and vacation placements for when your children are home from school!


ANanny4u LLC permanent placements include full-time, part-time, live-in, live out and even after school. We will work with you in this important decision of your family’s life. It is important to us that you will be able to hire a nanny that suites your needs, shares your values, provides love for your children, and communicates well with you. In order to ensure that you find the nanny that fits you, your family can interview with as many of our nanny candidates as needed! We are here to help you feel safe not work with as many clients as we can. We would love to work with you during the process of finding the perfect nanny to fit in with your family.

What is a Nanny?
Primary Functions:

The International Nanny Association defines a nanny as one “employed by the family on either a live-in or live-out basis to undertake all tasks related to the care of children. Duties are generally restricted to childcare and the domestic tasks related to childcare. The nanny’s workweek ranges from 20 to 60 hours per week. The nanny usually works unsupervised, however a nanny can be a mothers helper in which the mother works from home. Nannies are expected to participate in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of their charges, and will work with the child(ren) on such areas as language development, fine motor skills, potty training, social manners, homework, and more.

Before applying for a nanny position, the candidate should ask herself the following questions to judge her suitability for the work:
1. Can you make a commitment of at least one year?
2. Are you flexible enough to adapt to change when things don’t go routinely and to perform childcare responsibilities according to the family’s rules?
3. Are you able to accomplish all required task, while not neglecting the child(ren)?
4. Are you patient? Can you handle 8-10 hours with a small child, perhaps with no other adult companionship? Are you reliable and trustworthy?

A nanny may work eight to ten hours per day, generally five days per week. A nanny will generally expect two consecutive days off weekly. A nanny may live in or live out. The nanny works under the minimal supervision of the family (adult members) and must be a self-starter, show sound judgment, be committed to the well-being of children, and be able to take initiative.

What is a Nanny Share?

A nanny share is the same as being a nanny, but is offered to families who would like to share the nanny in either the same home or splitting the days of the week. The nanny receives the same amount of pay between $11 and $16, but the families have the opportunity to split the cost with another family. A great example would be a child each from two homes sharing a nanny during the workweek. Say the nanny is hired at $14 an hour; each family would then pay $7 an hour. However even if one family takes vacation the nannies rate doesn’t change and she will still make $14 an hour.  For more information on other ways to get involved with a nanny share please contact ananny4u LLC.