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Terms and Conditions

Though Ananny4u LLC uses its best efforts to recruit and refer qualified applicants to you please understand that the company cannot warrant that the information provided by the applicants is true or accurate, or that your employee will perform her duties to your satisfaction or will otherwise be suitable for the specific needs of you and your family. By submitting this application and agreement you understand and agree to release and discharge us, and our officers, directors and agents, from any liabilities, losses, obligations or damages incurred by you as a result of our referral or your employment of any employee through ananny4u LLC. By submitting this application and agreement, you agree you shall not hire, or refer to others, and candidate(s) presented by ananny4u LLC without full consent of the Agency. You further agree any employment, or referral of any candidate(s) without such consent will result in your full payment of the ananny4u LLC placement Fee.

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